L is for Leather

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Tyler, Alison
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Black as a starless night and smooth as pure silk, nothing entices eroticism like the look and feel of leather. Lisette Ashton exhults in the sultry, distinctive aroma of leather with a perfect description of the erotic aspects of sliding into her new leather jacket in “Truman Capote Was Wrong.” In “Sunday Service”, author Kate Pearce takes a love of leather and punishment even further in this homage to a black belt. These stories will fill your senses with all there is to enjoy in and out of leather.

Leather shoes are likely to get dirtier than a leather bag or leather furniture. Imitation leather, as the name suggests, is a material that looks like leather, but cannot be declared as such, because it is not leather as defined in official standards. Since leather is an expensive material and, because of the grain structure and natural markings and the irregular outer contour of a leather skin , the wastage costs incurred ... 2mm Leather Cord - Lead Free Round Natural Regular Metallic Distressed Leather by the Yard - Pick Color and Length - 2mm Round Leather Cord BraceletStreetUSA.

When I told my wife that today's topic was leather, she smiled and said that either today will be really exciting or a really boring topic. I said that this was a family rated blog.