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Wolf, Dr. Norbert
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The undeniable pinnacle of the golden age of Spanish painting

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Born in Seville but of Portuguese origin, he became court painter to Philip IV in 1623. A steady worker, using primarily sombre low-toned colouring, he met Rubens in 1628, and soon ... 12 Gebraucht ab 1,00 € 1 Neu ab 7,00 € Court painter to King Philip IV of Spain, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (June 1599 - August 6, 1660) is not only a leading light of the Spanish Golden Age, but among the most celebrated masters in all Western art history. Velázquez, also Velazquez, Velásquez or Velasquez (/ v ə ˈ l æ s k ɛ z /, /-ˈ l æ z-/), is a surname from Spain.It is a patronymic name, meaning "son of Velasco" .