Introduction to Contact Linguistics

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Winford, Donald
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Review“This textbook’s comprehensive survey of language-contact phenomena will greatly facilitate further research on language creation and language change. For instance, Winford’s eclectic data samples and much in his discussion of language acquisition in Creole formation will help demystify Creole Exceptionalism – the age-old dogma that Creole languages are phylogenetically and typologically ‘abnormal’. It is thus that creolophones and creolists will be long indebted to Winford’s immense scholarship.” Michel DeGraff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology “The volume’s extensive, linguistically detailed coverage will make this a stimulating textbook for upper level students with good prior grounding in linguistics.” Anthropological Linguistics “Along with a comprehensive state-of-the-art presentation of the basic theories and notions in this field, Winford’s book is an exciting opening to the sophisticated and intricate universe of languages rubbing shoulders throughout the world … the book contains a wealth of scholarly material and experimental data which allows for broad perception of language contact.” Language Awareness “This book is a very good new introduction to language contact, and a must read for all students in the area.” Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading An Introduction to Contact Linguistics (Language in Society Book 3). 1 Introduction: The Field of Contact Linguistics 1.1 The Subject Matter of Contact Linguistics In offering his account of Caló, the mixture of Spanish and Romani used as an in-group language by Roma (Gypsies) in Spain, Rosensweig (1973) referred to it, in the very title of his book, as "Gutter Spanish." A flyer from a West Sussex bookseller advertising publications on "dialect and folk ... Introduction to Contact Linguistics: Code: 0517: Lecturer: Damaris Schäfer: Type of course: Seminar: Description: This seminar will introduce students to the social conditions under which language contact occurs and the linguistic consequences of contact situations. It will address some of the most relevant issues in the field of contact ... an introduction to contact linguistics Jan 02, 2021 Posted By Cao Xueqin Media Publishing TEXT ID f380eccf Online PDF Ebook Epub Library situationoverview of contact situations and their outcomesthe social contexts of an introduction to language and linguistics this accessible new textbook is the only An Introduction to Language and Linguistics This accessible new textbook is the only introduction to linguistics in which each chapter is written by an expert who teaches courses on that topic, ensuring balanced and uniformly excellent coverage of the full range of modern linguistics.

Here you can find all of our electronic books and journals, for purchase and download or subscriber access. An Introduction to Contact Linguistics examines a wide range of language contact phenomena from both general linguistic and sociolinguistic perspectives. It provides an account of current approaches to all of the major types of contact-induced change.