Mountain Bike Maintenance and Repair

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Stevenson, John
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Whether readers are experienced or beginner mountain bikers, knowing how to keep their bike in peak condition is essential for enjoyment of the sport. Being able to recognise the early warning signs of trouble–and knowing what to do about them–means less time and money wasted getting a bike fixed and more time out on the trail. With color photographs throughout, this practical manual includes illustrated, step-by-step guides to repairing and maintaining every single part of a bike. It also includes advice on tools and workshop setup, how to avoid problems in the first place, and how to carry out emergency on-the-trail repairs. This is the essential companion handbook for any mountain biker.

Image 6 This is how you adjust a loose headset: Undo the screws on the headset. ... Simple bike maintenance guides Cycling UK has produced five guides on bike maintenance, designed to be downloaded to your phone for reference for wherever you travel.

Explore bike maintenance guide videos from Liv Cycling. Mountain bikes | maintenance, care and repair ⏩ quick service online info and help centre ... but it's always best to be on the safe side and check important components at regular intervals even if your road bike is running perfectly.