Competitive Volleyball

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Papageorgiou, Anthanasios
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The primary focus of this book is to develop an all-around/universal athlete into a specialized athlete (specialist). This progression is discussed with references to setting, outside hitting, middle hitting, back-row hitting, serving, outside blocking, middle blocking, defence, coverage and service reception and will be connected to related service reception, offensive, and defensive formations. Another major focus is to design and practice match systems. Strategies and counterstrategies in serving, service reception, offence and defence will be dealt with.

As volleyball grows and becomes more competitive, athletes look for specific ways to get an advantage. Is the largest indoor and beach volleyball club in the Waterloo Region and surrounding area. Has youth from 44 different schools, 6 cities and many smaller communities playing volleyball in the club.

Call today (413) 549-1085. In competitive volleyball, you have twenty-five opportunities. That means there is only twenty-five chances to score, and if you are lucky enough to get one of those chances, you are expected by not only your coach, but also your team, to execute it without fail.