Patently Erotic

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Ross, Richard
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In this unique collection of unbelievable real-life patent applications, author, photographer and connoisseur of the bizarre and faintly disturbing Richard Ross has delved into the archives of patent offices to take a look at contraptions designed to titillate and facilitate. Accompanied by commentary from the author and illustrated with the inventors’ own diagrams, inventions such as force-sensitive, sound-playing condoms and lap dance liners provide a revealing look at our issues with intimacy. Choose from a device for assisting and maintaining an erection, therapeutic or adhesive brassieres, thrusting rods, prophylactic underwear or even an artificial foreskin — each is a celebration of innovation at its most feverish. The book is supported by Richard Ross’ website

Hot on the stilettos of Patently Ridiculouscomes Patently Erotic, Richard Ross' foray into the nexus of American capitalism, inventivenessâ€"and sex. In this latest collection of actual patent applications, the author delves once again into the archives of the U.S.

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