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Barth, Katrin
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If you have learned to swim and you want to do more, then you start swim training. This book will help you with that. It describes the techniques of the different strokes from start, to turn, to finish, and tells you how to correct mistakes to become an accomplished swimmer. As in the previous book “Learning Swimming” the dolphin girl “Fini” will be at your side, offering support and advice. You will find out how to improve your fitness level specifically for swimming, how training on land can be helpful, and how to prepare for a swim meet. In addition to all of the swimming information you will also find useful tips on nutrition, equipment, and life saving in the water. The easy to read text and descriptive illustrations, as well as the many opportunities to make personal entries, make this book an important training companion.

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He doesn't look at training as a negative experience and he doesn't feel that winning is the only thing, but rather that the journey is more important than the destination. We try to enjoy every part of the season and to profit from the friendships and lessons that are learned from swimming. History.