Elle Glam Fitness: Complete Cardio Training

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Focusing on fat-burning cardio, dance moves to supercharge the body, you’ll learn steps like Runaway Strut, Funky Feet, Dance Hall Queen, and the Row Bounce all while burning calorie and getting fit.All of the incredible moves will get your heart rate pumping and shape the waistline, hips, thighs, glutes, and especially the core.This book provides a total body workout, and includes over 200 photos to illustrate step-by-step how to perform every move. A bonus DVD of the workout is also included. This is not only a fitness book. A well-balanced look at your workout is provided beginning with an introduction on how to set healthy, realistic goals. It also features a 7-day jump start meal plan along with recipes and nutritional information. Tips on how to maintain the training and stay on track along with daily fitness and eating log sheets to track your progress are also included.

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$ 1650 - 24 Weeks. Individualized training and nutrition plans Weekly check-ins Bikini Posing Practice and Coaching Bikini Competition planning and selection Peak-week plans,support & day of competition coaching Post-contest reverse nutritional plan and training program Spin is a great cardio activity that gives you a complete fitness workout with powerful results, including high calorie burn, cardiovascular strength, and low impact on the knees.