Triathlon for Women

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Lynam, Lisa
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This volume aims to guide, educate, and inspire women to get the most out of their sporting endeavours – whether just starting out, a seasoned competitor, or at the very top of the game. “Triathlon for Women” looks at all aspects of fitness and skill development, how to make the right nutritional choices for your body, and the physical and mental preparations needed for racing. This volume goes beyond the regular science and theories behind triathlon training, and gives a more complete mind-body-spirit approach that will enhance enjoyment for all women triathletes.

The program seeks to identify and diminish primary barriers to entry and mobilize triathlon advocates to encourage and engage female athletes across all race distances and representing all athletic abilities. Sprint Triathlon : Women Only Triathlon: Swim 800 Meters, Bike 12.4 Miles, Run 3.1 Miles: Olympic Triathlon : Women Only Triathlon: Swim 1500 Meters, Bike 25.5 Miles, Run 6.2 Miles Every Woman Triathlon is a women's only race designed for every woman of every fitness, every age, every ability, on every type of bike, using every swim toy and wear every fun colour. Pressing Enter is the hard part, what you need to know.. Whether it's your first triathlon or your comeback to racing, Every Woman Triathlon is an event run by women, for women.

As the first leg, the swim sets the opening pace of your race. A triathlon wetsuit lets you glide through the water, cutting both your swim and transition 1 (T1) time. Learn more about triathlon gear & apparel for women.