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Di Fiore, Judy
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This book contains a safe and specially devised keep-fit programme for the nine months of pregnancy. Everything a pregnant women needs to do to achieve increased body awareness, improved posture, greater energy, emotional serenity and the strength and endurance necessary for birth and beyond is here, along with how to tailor the exercises to fit individual lifestyles and particular needs. The attractively designed full-colour pages portray pregnant models in specially shot step-by-step photographic sequences accompanied by easy-to-read captions and, where appropriate, annotation, tip boxes and variations. The programme can be followed with confidence by all pregnant women – even those who have never exercised before. Varied programme formulated to help pregnant women achieve the strength and endurance to manage pregnancy more easily and to keep vital supporting muscles toned and flexible. Benefits include feeling better during pregnancy, minimizing side effects, being able to manage work and daily tasks more easily, and to return to one’s pre-pregnant shape sooner. Guidance given on tailoring exercises to suit stage of pregnancy, locale, and available time. Devised by a pregnancy exercise specialist with years of experience teaching fitness to pregnant women at all stages

Start My Programs Today! Five Programs Now Available Over the last 25+ years, I have developed 5 unique programs, to improve Pregnancy fitness and strength preparing you for birth and beyond and then postnatal to ensure you optimally recover quickly, easily and safely. The ideal exercise in pregnancy will get your heart pumping and keep you supple, without causing physical stress. Many activities, such as running and weight training , are fine in the beginning if you were doing them before you got pregnant, but you may need to modify your workout as you grow bigger (ACOG 2015, Harding 2017, RANZCOG 2016) . The ideal exercise in pregnancy will get your heart pumping a bit faster and make you sweaty, but without causing physical stress.

Some of the benefits of regular exercise throughout your pregnancy include: enjoyment Research shows that when you exercise during pregnancy you may be helping your baby have a much lower heart rate. Here's What Research Says About the Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy Research 1.