Sport Utility Vehicles

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One of the great obsessions of the twentieth century, the automobile has had an enormous impact on daily life and has been designed with great diversity and imagination. These lavishly illustrated volumes present the extraordinary world of the automobile, from sleek sports cars to the ultimate in high-powered, high performance machines.

That third row is a tight fit for just about any size passenger, but it could be useful in a ... Learn More about Sport ATVs & UTVs Much more than just machines, Polaris sport ATVs and UTVs are a portal to a world and lifestyle that will amplify your passion for the outdoors. From the invention of the combustion engine and Henry Ford's assembly line for the Model T to the high-tech versions of today's Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), the evolution of transportation has been remarkable. America has long had a love affair with its automobiles; SUV owners aren't any different when it comes to their passion. Turf Utility Vehicles.

Some definitions claim that an SUV must be built on a light truck chassis; however, broader ... This page lists sport utility vehicles currently in production (as of 2013) as well as past models. The list includes crossover SUVs, Mini SUVs, Compact SUVs and other similar vehicles.