Alpine Passes by Road Bike

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Geser, Rudolf
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Each is a challenge, and 100 Alpine Passes is the essential overview as to which is best suited to your level, ambition or imagination. Through Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland, the pass roads are presented with accurate on-bike directions, ride characteristics and detailed location and elevation maps. Along with the stunning photography, there is a summary of the natural beauty and attractions along the route. While many of the passes appear or have appeared in professional tours and mass-participation long-distance cycling races – sportives – the emphasis here is on complete coverage of the best Alpine cols and passes to ride. The most spectacular, rewarding and testing routes are featured, whether well known or those gems only locals are acquainted with. The basic composition of each ride is given, along with practical advice, tips and the lay of the land, including: * assessment and statistics on the level of difficulty * the length of time each route should take and the distance * gear configurations and road conditions * the time of year the pass is open * selected round trips for ambitious cyclists * overview maps for the eastern and western Alps

Download Now. The 100 best pass roads to cycle throughout the European Alps.

Alpine Passes by Road Bike. 100 Routes Through the Alps and how to Ride Them.