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Here’s looking at you, kidHumphrey Bogart is a legend and an icon whose magic has not dissipated with time. The wounded tough guy image Bogart molded over the decades of his career still resonates. There is a truth to this image; audiences sense that the world-weariness, the angst, and the vulnerability, which made him an icon of noir as well, were rooted somehow in reality. Even if the spectator knew nothing about his personal life, they believed and still do believe in his performances in cinema classics like Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, High Sierra, The Big Sleep, In a Lonely Place, and The African Queen. The Movie Icon series: People talk about Hollywood glamour, about studios that had more stars than there are in heaven, about actors who weren’t actors but were icons. Other people talk about these things, TASCHEN shows you. Movie Icons is a series of photo books that feature the most famous personalities in the history of cinema. These 192-page books are visual biographies of the stars. For each title, series editor Paul Duncan has painstaking selected approximately 150 high quality enigmatic and sumptuous portraits, colorful posters and lobby cards, rare film stills, and previously unpublished candid photos showing the stars as they really are. These images are accompanied by concise introductory essays by leading film writers; each book also includes a chronology, a filmography, and a bibliography, and is peppered with apposite quotes from the movies and from life. All the icons in the first 20 books of the series were voted for by over 7500 TASCHEN readers in a special online poll! James Ursini has co-written and co-edited eleven books with Alain Silver; Ursini and Silver are considered two of the foremost authorities on the subject of film noir. Among Ursini’s most notable works is the successful Film Noir Reader series. He has also contributed articles to various film magazines and has supplied the DVD commentary for numerous classic film noirs. He has a doctorate in motion pictures and has lectured on filmmaking at colleges in the Los Angeles area.

There is a truth to this image; audiences sense that the world-weariness, the angst, and the vulnerability, which made him an icon of noir as well, were rooted somehow in ... Actor. Widely regarded as an American culture icon, he is best remembered for his legendary films High Sierra (1941, with Ida Lupino), The Maltese Falcon (1941, with Mary Astor), Casablanca (1942, with Ingrid Bergman), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948, with Walter Huston), The African Queen (1951, with Katharine... Bogart is the co-managing partner of the Humphrey Bogart Estate, which celebrates Humphrey's iconic films through the annual Bogart Film Festival along with the British brand Aquascutum as well ... The Official Website of the Humphrey Bogart Estate.

His private detectives, Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon (1941) and Phillip Marlowe in The Big Sleep (1946), became the models for detectives in other Film-Noirs. Welcome to the official Humphrey Bogart Website. Today, more than half a century after his death, Humphrey Bogart remains an international icon, the epitome of class - tough, cool and sophisticated - more celebrated and more respected today than even during the height of his stardom. Maud Humphrey Bogart In Collectible People Figurines, Humphrey Gas Lights, Russian Icon, Orthodox Icon, Antique Russian Icon, Starbucks Icon Mug, Saint Nicholas Icon, Mary Jesus Icon, Funko Collectible Ad Icons Pop 1970-Now, Ad Icons Collectible Funko Bobbleheads (1970-Now) Lauren Bacall, the willowy actress whose husky voice, sultry beauty and all-too-short May-December romance with Humphrey Bogart made her an everlasting icon of Hollywood, has died, The Hollywood ... In honor of the great actor Humphrey Bogart, who always wore Borsalino hats on screen and in his daily life with such inimitable style, Borsalino launches its third season collectable the Bogart by Borsalino Cut 3 hat in collaboration with the Humphrey Bogart Estate and celebrated with a new social media campaign featuring Justin Gossman, renowned model and US rock-band Toy Guns frontman. Humphrey Bogart 1946.