Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training

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Vella, Mark
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Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training is a reference book that offers the reader more than just the ‘how to’ of exercise and training. Using detailed anatomical illustrations of the way muscles and tendons work, the book provides a visual insight into what happens to the body during exercise, making it invaluable to anyone active in the exercise field. The initial section of the book covers basic anatomy, overviews of the musculo-skeletal system, directional terms, planes and movements, basic kinesiology and an overview of exercise concepts, as well as an explanation of muscle analysis.The core of the book presents 88 exercises involving gym machines, free weights and body weight/stretching, grouped by body region (chest, legs and hips, back and shoulders, arms and abdominals). Each exercise features a full-colour illustration, together with instructions on execution and technique. Supporting graphics show starting and finishing positions, and additional information includes training tips and useful facts.

With a basic knowledge of how the body works, you can buff up your body with more than 75 selected exercises, grouped by body region and involving gym machines, free weights, and body weight/stretching, as well as yoga and Pilates. Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training for Women gives you: 100+ muscle-by-muscle illustrations for an inside look at how exercise affects your muscles 70+ exercises--ranging from free weights to machines to yoga and aerobics--that will sculpt your entire body and will give you a sexy chest, toned arms and legs, slimmer hips, a strong back ... Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training: An Illustrated Guide to Your Muscles in Action Including Exercises Used in Crossfit(r), P90x(r), and Other Popular Fitness Programs: Vella, Mark: Books The book "Anatomy for Strength And Fitness Training by Mark Vella, Nick Walters" is probably the best guide for all that wants to start fitness training on all levels. It explains how your muscles, and body works during the training.

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