Desserts in Croatia

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Biluš, Ivanka
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Wishing to present the traditional and contemporary Croatian desserts and confections, the authors of this delightful collection of recipes have taken a look at old notebooks written by hand which had been handed over from generation to generation as top family secrets, but at the same time, all up-to-date knowledge on preparation of desserts and confections has been taken into account as well. They have also gone far back into history and have covered vast geography in order to discover the similarities and differences in the desserts and cakes of other peoples, in order to learn about the characteristics that have come about and are based on our habits, tastes, country. Only the best are presented, about a hundred different desserts and confections, chosen from the ones they have prepared and tasted themselves many times, making efforts to please beginners as well as those who are masters in the art.

Pistachio Dessert LisaKrieck. pudding, nuts, powdered sugar, sugar, cool whip, cream cheese and 3 more. Sep 6, 2020 - Sweets, treats and desserts from Croatia.

Biskvit od meda is an old dessert from the Croatian city of Virovitica. It consists of eggs, flour,...