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Pomona Britannica, originally published in 1812, celebrated the richness of food variations cultivated in England, with superb illustrations by George Brockham of 256 species of fifteen kinds of fruit.For this compact, enhanced reprint, we have been fortunate enough to obtain the use of a very rare original copy: the exquisite, limited edition, hand-colored volume that was first owned by Princess Elizabeth, daughter of George III. Each chapter of our publication focuses on one family of fruit and is accompanied by a contemporary text giving nutritional information about the fruits as well as cultural and historical analyses. Lovingly drawn on charcoal backgrounds, the mouth-watering cherries, apples, figs, and other divine fruits seem to jump right off the page. About the Series:More bang for your buck! … a fast-food, high-energy fix on the topic at hand. The New York Times Book Review

Used; paperback; Download this apple, book, fruit, study icon in flat style from the Education, school & learning category. Available in PNG and SVG formats. Click to read more about The Book of Fruits: The Complete "Pomona Britannica" (Icons) by George Brookshaw.

Two factors that alter food consumption patterns 32. Why the book is successful Questions 33-40 Complete the summary below. Prices (including delivery) for The Malingerer's Handbook: Living Off the Fruits of Someone Else's Labor by Mark Tuschel.