Trekking In The Apennines

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Price, Gillian
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Guidebook to the Grand Apennines Trek, or Grande Escursione Appenninica (GEA). Through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna and 2 national parks, this 400km trail takes 23 days to complete, exploring the mountains, forests and hills of central Italy. Suitable for a range of walkers, it can be split into shorter sections or day walks if needed.

This guidebook describes the Grande Escursione Appenninica (GEA), a nearly 400km long, three week trek crossing the Apen... Il Borgo Antico di Simone. Among them, my favorites were Il Borgo Antico di Samone, which was first recorded in a document of 1048 and still to this day it conserves its walled village characteristics; and the Castellino Delle Formiche, with its peculiar tower, which looks like it grew out of the rock..

There is a rich history and culture to the area and you can stop to see the Montese Tower, taste balsamic vinegar, visit a Parmesan factory or stop to meet a local family. Life remains unchanged in the Apennine Mountains and many people are living as they have for decades. In this guide, we've reviewed our full collection of road biking routes in the Apennine Mountains to bring you the 20 best rides in the region.