Golden Age of DC Comics

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Levitz, Paul
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In June of 1938, Action Comics debuted with a new kind of comic-book character on its cover: a costumed man with two identities, who possessed extraordinary strength and powers—a man able to protect the public when ordinary measures would not do. He was not the first super hero, but the Man of Steel would become the prototype for all super heroes thereafter. Superman’s story, and those of Batman, Wonder Woman, and hundreds of other DC Comics characters, are all told in The Golden Age of DC Comics. Expanded from the Eisner Award–winning XL book, 75 Years of DC Comics, this edition offers readers the ultimate insight on DC’s first decades, from its pulp origins up to the comic-book burnings of the McCarthy ’50s. More than 600 pages of covers and interiors, original illustrations, photographs, film stills, and ephemera bring the story lines, the characters, and their creators to vibrant life. Also included is an exclusive interview with legendary artist Joe Kubert. Copyright © 2019 DC Comics. All related characters and elements © & TM DC Comics. (s19)

This period is noted for the birth of "modern" comic books, mostly defined by the innovation of the archetypical superhero. The creation of Superman in 1938, […] golden age comics (1938-1955) Here you will find our full selection of classic comic books from the Golden Age of super-heroes.

DC Comics followed up Superman with now-famous characters like Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman, each with their own wild costume, each with their own look. Related: Digital Comic Museum Offers Free Golden Age Comics for Download Launched in 1939, what the world now knows as Marvel Comics originally operated under the name Timely Comics and it took no time for the company to also realize the unfulfilled market DC had been mining. Within a scant few months, Timely began publishing its own superhero books and by the early 1940s, the likes of Captain ... DC Comics All Star Comics #57 (the Justice Society of America title of the day) became All-Star Western with #58 in 1951.