Mill on the Floss

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Eliot, George
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Introduction and Notes by R.T. Jones, Honorary Fellow of the University of York. This novel, based on George Eliot’s own experiences of provincial life, is a masterpiece of ambiguity in which moral choice is subjected to the hypocrisy of the Victorian age. As the headstrong Maggie Tulliver grows into womanhood, the deep love which she has for her brother Tom turns into conflict, because she cannot reconcile his bourgeois standards with her own lively intelligence. Maggie is unable to adapt to her community or break free from it, and the result, on more than one level, is tragedy.

Tulliver, owner of the mill and its farm, has decided to send his son, Tom, away to school so that he can become something more than a miller and farmer.When Tom gets home for the summer, he learns that his younger sister Maggie forgot to feed his rabbits and they ... The Mill on the Floss (Austulliver) English Shrub Rose Bred By David Austin Colour: Mid pink. Flowering: Repeat Flowering.

Outside Dorlcote Mill: Chapter II. Mr Tulliver, of Dorlcote Mill, Declares His Resolution about Tom: Chapter III.