Handbook for Foreign Visitors

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Burić, Vlaho
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This hanbook offers to everyone the opportunity to meet,in a simple way,a newestablished European country-the Republic of Croatia.It is useful to both those who wish to pay a visit to the country and to those who wish to find out more about it.It offers a wide range of data:historical,economic,traffic,tourist…It also helps the English-speaking visitors to orientate easily around Croatia when they come either on business or on a vacation or if they simply travel through.

From driving etiquette to some handy tips from the AA, the UK's biggest motoring association, we've got everything you need to have a safe and unforgettable trip. Internet Archive BookReader Handbook for technical leaders of special training courses for foreign agricultural visitors sponsored by Foreign Operations Administration Handbook For Visitors To The Collections Of Old Art Of The Boston Foreign Art Exhibition... [Jarves, James Jackson] on Amazon.com.

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