Evil Ways

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Gustainis, Justin
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Supernatural investigator Quincey Morris and his partner, “white witch” Libby Chastain, are each in pursuit of a vicious killer. One is murdering small children for their bodily organs; the other is hunting down white witches – and Libby may be next. Along a trail that leads from Iraq to Turkey, to the US, all clues point to crazed billionaire Walter Grobius, a man obsessed with harnessing the ultimate evil. Morris and Chastain, teamed with the deadly Hannah Widmark, must fight desperately to stop a midnight rendezvous between forces so powerful that the fate of the world may be at stake. And the clock is ticking…

"Evil Ways" is a 120" wheel base 1976 Mustang II Nostalgia Funny car with a blown... Naručite u VBZ online knjižari poznati naslov Evil Ways autora Gustainis, Justin. Pronađite najbolje cijene uz najveći izbor! Brza dostava! You've got to change your evil ways, baby Lyrics meaning: Moraš se promijeniti, zlo, beba Before I stop lovin' you Lyrics meaning: Prije nego što prestanem lovin' you You've got to change, baby Lyrics meaning: Moraš se promijeniti, beba And every word that I say is true Lyrics meaning: I svaku riječ koju kažem je istina Evil Ways.

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