Angel Souls and Devil Hearts (Shadow Saga 2)

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Golden, Christopher
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In the second book of The Shadow Saga, the Shadows have been exposed as living amongst us, and the ancient vampiric race now finds itself threatened by the most powerful demon of all: human prejudice. In a world where the good are no longer distinguishable from the bad and where Shadows are indeed the saints, a holy war is about to begin, pitting humans and vampires together against the dark forces of Hell. And as they fight for their survival in the face of a betrayal by one of their own, the Shadows begin to discover at last the astonishing, long-hidden truth of what they are. What they will learn about their mysterious origins is more extraordinary – and more explosive – than they could possibly have imagined.

This is the second novel in the Peter Octavian series. At the end of the first book, Peter Octavian told his friends to find out what they are (the vampires), their true origin.

Second book in the author's vampire series. 401 pages. Angel Souls and Devil Hearts by Christopher Golden - View book on Bookshelves at Online Book Club - Bookshelves is an awesome, free web app that lets you easily save and share lists of books and see what books are trending.