At the Edge of the Orchard

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Chevalier, Tracy
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‘A wonderful book; rich, evocative, original. I loved it’ Joanne Harris “One in ten trees comes up sweet…” In the inhospitable Black Swamp of Ohio, the Goodenough family are barely scratching out a living. Life there is harsh, tempered only by the apples they grow for eating and for the cider that dulls their pain. Hot-headed Sadie and buttoned-up James are a poor match, and Robert and his sister Martha can only watch helplessly as their parents tear each other apart. One particularly vicious fight sends Robert out alone across America, far from his sister, to seek his fortune among the mighty redwoods and sequoias of Gold Rush California. But even across a continent, he can feel the pull of family loyalties..

The Black Swamp is as inhospitable as it sounds, which carry off several of the children and leave the parents ... AT THE EDGE OF THE ORCHARD by Tracy Chevalier ‧ RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2016 Spanning 15 years and a journey from the Black Swamp of northeastern Ohio to California's redwood forests, Chevalier's (The Last Runaway, 2013, etc.) latest draws readers into the simple highs and the frequent lows of 19th-century pioneer life. Tracy Chevalier has said that her eighth novel, At the Edge of the Orchard, was written with the American Dream in mind; to challenge, more specifically, the lie that sits as its source. Praise for At the Edge of the Orchard: 'Chevalier's prose is by turns muscular, raw and sumptuous… a delight' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY 'Chevalier has carved out a middle-point between writing literary fiction and its page-turning, commercial counterpart and this book will serve both those audiences' INDEPENDENT At the Edge of the Orchard. Written by Tracy Chevalier Review by Sarah Johnson.

1. For James, apples are an obsession, a reminder of his family's home in Connecticut, and for Sadie, they're both a source of jealousy and of respite from the brutalities of pioneer living.