Ecological Restoration

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Galatowitsch, Susan, M.
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Ecological Restoration provides a comprehensive overview of the strategies being used around the world to reverse human impacts to landscapes, ecosystems, and species. This book aims to improve the outcomes of restoration practice by strengthening the connections between ecological concepts and real-world decision-making: students explore each topic considering both research-based knowledge and lessons learned from nineteen actual restorations. Details of these ecological restorations, from underwater reefs to mines in hot deserts, are woven into each chapter, presented as case studies, and used in exercises. Because introductory ecological restoration courses are taken by undergraduate students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, the book explains and applies basic concepts from many supporting fields that serve as the foundation for practice, including ecology, conservation biology, earth and water sciences, environmental design, and public policy.

Consequently, this course also introduces a range of suitable technologies for the remediation of different types of contaminated land including clean-up methods for soils, sediments and water. Ecological restoration can be performed on land that has been degraded due to mining, soil erosion, extreme climatic conditions etc., for wetlands destroyed due to landfills and conversion, and for water-bodies that are affected by Eutrophication or have been polluted due to chemical discharge, sewage disposal, and agricultural run-off. The Hobart Declaration on Ecohealth. The Hobart Declaration is an outcome of the EcoHealth Network's Hobart Workshop in Tasmania, Australia, on February 18-19, 2020.

Learn More Ecological Restoration is a forum for people advancing the science and practice of restoration ecology. It features the technical and biological aspects of restoring landscapes, as well as collaborations between restorationists and the design professions, land-use policy, the role of education, and more. The Society for Ecological Restoration defines ecological restoration as an "intentional activity that initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity and sustainability." The term "ecological restoration" refers to the practice of the discipline of " restoration ecology." Ecological Restoration - a means of conserving biodiversity and sustaining livelihoods is a call to action by the ecological restoration joint working group of SER and the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management. Ecological Restoration (ER) is a scientific discipline that has recently emerged due to the increasing need to restore damaged ecosystems.