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The Macmillan School Dictionary is completely relevant to the needs of young people who are studying their subjects through the medium of English and preparing for school exams. It explains – clearly and accurately – the vocabulary needed for successful study in any of the key school subjects. At every stage, experienced teachers, textbook writers, and syllabus designers have contributed their expertise, giving us a clear idea of what you really need to know at this level. In addition, we have used state-of-the-art software to analyse the corpora, so that we have a scientific basis for selecting the words to include and for deciding how much information is needed about each word.Curriculum words in the dictionary are clearly identified in red using one of 20 subject labels. Look at a sample from part of a dictionary page. Over 100 pictures and diagrams throughout the dictionary illustrate everything from flora and fauna to natural or scientific processes. Over 20 full-page illustrations, many in two colours, present and reinforce topic vocabulary. Click to see a full-page illustration. The Study Skills section provides extra tips for school work and includes information on: Dealing with Data Experiments and Projects Capital Letters and Punctuation Composition Skills Information and Communication Technology Revision and Examination Skills

Success Stories. Science World British Columbia, the HR Macmillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Aquarium developed the Engaging Science program to enhance the elementary school science curriculum. Science World British Columbia, el HR Macmillan Space Centre, y el Acuario de Vancouver elaboraron el programa Engaging Science para mejorar el programa de ciencias ... Macmillan Junior School Dictionary: Macmillan Publishers: Books.

It explains - clearly and accurately - the vocabulary needed for successful study in any of the key school subjects. Macmillan School Dictionary is a dictionary for intermediate level students, especially those who are studying other subjects in English. Macmillan School Dictionary is a copyrighted dictionary, developed cooperatively by the prestigious Macmillan Publishers and Dai Truong Phat JSC, Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy Publishing House , and many top-class language specialists of Vietnam over the years. Follow @OzDictionary.