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No man is an island. But almost all of us have dreamed of owning one at some time or other. A slice of paradise, where we could set the rules and create a vision of the world as it should be. Few ever realize this fantasy. Yet now you re invited to take a peek at some of the world s most exclusive real estate. Set in a variety of climates and cultures, these heavenly hideaways boast a range of topographies and vegetation in some of the most beautiful settings on earth. This guide will inspire and amaze you. Islands have always been hidden away along coastlines. Rarely seen, they only became popular as celebrities began to purchase them. Onassis and his island, Marlon Brando with his South Pacific Atoll, Sir Richard Branson’s island in the British Virgin Islands, Mel Gibsons acquisition of an island in Fiji – just to name a few. However the idea of private islands being unaffordable and out of reach is not entirely true. Anybody can either rent an island – from as little as $100 per night – or indeed purchase one. In fact, the majority of these islands cost less than a four-bedroom apartment in many large cities in this world.

Kennedy. Our Offices around the world 5 Luxury Private Islands You Can Own Around the World Posted in How the One Percent Live.

Format Hardback | 220 pages Dimensions 256 x 318 x 34mm | 2,218.06g Edited by Farhad Vladi teNeues 2006 Language English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Edition Multilingual edition. No man is an island.