15-minute Total Body Workout

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Pagano, Joan
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Combining simple, step-by-step instructions with a DVD to walk readers through each routine, offers four complete mini-workouts to target specific parts of the body, along with tips on how to strengthen, stretch, tone, and build one’s way to total body fitness.

"Even 10-15 minutes spent on two exercises is more impactful than skipping the work all together," confirms Jeff Huggins, Performance Specialist at EXOS. This 15 Minute Total-Body Circuit Will See You Hit Your Best Shape In 14 days A kettlebell is a perfect tool for a 15-minute, busy-guy workout. You can do a kettlebell workout in minimal space, and it'll make you feel more primal than throwing around dumbbells. 15 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout - Advanced Bodyweight Exercises to Burn Fat Fast.

Warm-Up 5 min. march in place, high knees, side shuffle • 1 min lunges • 1 min glute bridges • 1 min pushups • 1 min inverted row • 1 min plank .