How to Be a Surfer

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DeMacedo, Joao
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This practical and accessible volume is aimed at helping surfers and non-surfers alike learn and improve their skills to get the very best out of their surfing experience. “How to be a Surfer” uses case studies, first hand experiences, and high action and scenic surf photography of some of the best surfers in the world to guide readers through the rich and diverse world of surfing. It also provides an internationally acclaimed surf training and teaching method – The 7 which breaks the sport down into seven simple and easily mastered techniques. With its unique combination of stunning photography, superb teaching method, and surfing philosophy, this is an essential volume for everyone interested in this highly enjoyable sport and lifestyle.

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Adding multiple map layers and objects, customizing the map display, and annotating with text creates attractive and informative ... Using a beach that is appropriate for beginning surfers is crucial to your surfing success. Learn to surf on a beach known for good, steady waves and the whole learning process will be smoother.... How to be a Surfer is a clearly organized, graphically attractive, nicely illustrated, well-written, superbly resourced, and pretty damn comprehensive instructional that will help every aspiring surfer, from the cold-turkey novice looking to get started to the competent wave-rider looking to improve his or her game. This video is for anyone who wants to learn how to surf! From choosing your equipment, all the way to a step by step guide to standing up.