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Reflexology is one of the most popular alternative health therapies around today and you can treat every aspect of your life with this gentle, healing therapy, no matter what your age. The book is divided into four sections according to age. The second chapter deals with problems such as stress, pre-menstrual tension and migraines, which effect women of any age. Chapter 3 is aimed at younger women and includes advice for treating period pains and acne while chapter 6 teaches you to use reflexology later in life for relief from joint pains, arthritis and angina. The middle chapters explore how reflexology can be used before you conceive and during pregnancy.

Reflexology is even preferred over medication when treating postmenopausal women who may not necessarily need potent drugs, but just a natural way to optimize hormonal and brain chemistry. 11.

Reflexology for Women "Balancing your body systems." Jul 10, 2017 - There are many reasons to use reflexology for women. The technique of reflexology helps with both overall balance in your body and specific Stimulate reflex points in your feet to relieve digestive issues, head aches and PMS pain. A foot massage and reflexology performed twice-weekly can help to minimize these symptoms, especially when under high stress.