Sports Science of Elite Judo Athletes, The

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Every serious judo coach should own this book and refer to it often. Mr. Pulkkinen thoroughly covers all the facets of training and preparing athletes for elite level competition, but this book can (and should) be read and used by coaches at lower levels of competition as well. Much, actually all, of the material presented in this book can be transferred to competitive levels leading up to the elite level. Well written and well organized, this book is excellent.

1991 Apr;12(2):196-203. Physiological characteristics of elite judo athletes.

The world's first comprehensive judo training book! This is the first in-depth study of the physiology and judo training methods used by world class judoka to achieve peak performance on the tatami. This article reviews the physiological profiles of elite judo athletes from different sex, age and weight categories. Body fat is generally low for these athletes, except for the heavyweight ... author of The Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes (available from Hatashita Sports) This energy system involves both the ATP-CP (Alactic) and Lactate (anaerobic glycolysis) systems.