Strength Training for Soccer

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Meier, Ralf
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Overstretching for a pass or mistimed tackle can put a soccer player out of action for months – muscle tears, tendon and joint injuries are all part and parcel of the game. However, many of these injuries are preventable, in particular by better preparation of the leg muscles. Professional and amateur players alike must have enough muscle strength to withstand games full of short sprints, sudden stops, and scissor movements that push the knees and surrounding areas to the limit. This volume provides expert information on how players can improve their strength, and protect their joints and tendons through guided training both at home and in the gym, as well as advice on improving flexibility and nutrition.

Balance on one leg and go down and touch a cone or anything that is 4-6 inches high on the inside of your foot. Come up slow and controlled and then go back down to touch the front. Soccer conditioning and strength training drills are frowned upon by most soccer players, especially younger ones.

Ball Toe Touch Hold 2 sec Hold 5 sec Core 2-3 Max C5. Single Leg Bulgarian Squat Pause at bottom Small hop at top Lower Strength 2-3 8-12ES Exercise notes A1.