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Common symbols reinterpretedThough his work is often categorized as Pop Art for its use of popular iconography and household objects, Jasper Johns can also be described as a Neo-Dadaist. Using wax-based paint, plaster relief, collage, and even commonplace objects such as brooms and rulers in his paintings, Johns achieves a sculptural texture in his work. He is arguably most known for his flag paintings of the 1950s (the Museum of Modern Art in New York recently paid over $20 million for White Flag), though other themes, including targets, numbers, letters, and maps, are also famously recurrent. Johns is widely considered one of the most important American artists of the 20th century. About the Series: Every book in TASCHEN’s Basic Art Series features:a detailed chronological summary of the artist’s life and work, covering the cultural and historical importance of the artist approximately 100 color illustrations with explanatory captions a concise biographyAbout the author: Barbara Hess studied art history and romance languages in Cologne and Florence. Based in Cologne, she is a freelance author and translator and has written extensively on modern and contemporary art for magazines including Camera Austria, Flash Art, and Texte zur Kunst.

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