Relaxation Techniques

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The third edition of “Relaxation Techniques” provides the health care professional with a practical introduction to a variety of approaches to relaxation, both somatic and cognitive, that may usefully contribute to patient care. Each technique is easy to teach and use, and has been demonstrated to be effective in the clinical situation. The background theory to each method is also described and its rationale spelled out, thus helping the clinician to select the appropriate technique. All the methods included are suitable for use with both small groups and individuals. Rosemary Payne is an experienced clinical therapist with a deep understanding of the problems facing the busy practitioner. Her book aims to provide a quick and informative guide to selecting the most appropriate relaxation technique for each client. “Relaxation Techniques” has already established itself as an invaluable source book for all those health professionals involved in teaching relaxation.

There are several exercises you can try. See which ones work best for you. Relaxation techniques include a number of practices such as progressive relaxation, guided imagery, biofeedback, self-hypnosis, and deep breathing exercises.

Techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, meditation, and yoga can help. Finding the best relaxation technique for you Relaxation techniques are used to trigger this response.