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Pratchett, Terry
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According to the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter – the world’s only totally reliable guide to the future – the world will end on a Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. Just after tea.

The greatest leaders of the world believe in it, philosophers think seriously about it, while actresses, gamblers and celebrities are hopelessly obsessive about it. […] ― Neil Gaiman, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch.

But they have lost the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy unaware he's meant to bring upon the end of ... Good Omens 2 What will be the Expected Release Date for Good Omens Season 2? In an interview with the Radio Times, the listener, Gammon, reported that he and Prachet had an idea for a sequel to the series, but never produced. Since then, there has always been a double idea of a sequel to Good Omens. Terry Pratchett ve Neil Gaiman'ın 1990 yılında yayımlanan kitabı Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter'dan esinlenen bu fantastik komedide bir melek, bir şeytan, bir cadıyla 11 yaşındaki deccal'in Cehennem ve Cennet arasındaki son savaşı önlemeye çalışması anlatılıyor. Благие знамения (2019) - Good Omens - Всё о сериале: сезоны и эпизоды, даты выхода, актеры ... Good Omens by patrickatkinson4950 | created - 13 Oct 2014 | updated - 13 Oct 2014 | Public Sort by: View: 22 names 1.