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Vulto, Laura
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Open-kitchen is commonly seen in European and American countries and imported into China by fashion magazines and interior designers. Now it has become an trendy style to implant it into restaurants and is popular with diners for its stylistic and distinctive features. The book focuses on open-kitchen design in restaurants and aims to explore the characteristic as well as the relationship between it and the entire restaurant. Systematic theoretical text and typical case analysis go together to give a direct perception of successful open-kitchen restaurant design. It will be a valuable reference book for both interior designers and restaurant operators.

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Brimming with dynamic chefs, decadent aromas, and a smorgasbord of unique and delicious menu items, it redefines food-forward student-focused restaurant design with its ... Open Kitchen is located in the Santa Fe Village. on the corner of Don Gaspar Avenue and West Alameda (across from Del Charro restaurant).