Hotel Tito, The

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Simić Bodrožić, Ivana
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1991. After fleeing the war zone of their small Croatian town, a mother and two children are housed, along with other displaced persons, at a former communist school in the village of Kumrovec. For years they share a single room, waiting to hear whether the narrator’s father survived the war. In the meantime, life goes on for the teenage protagonist. First loves bloom and burn, new friendships are acquired and lost. But she never loses her shy, insightful voice, nor her self-deprecating sense of humor. Hotel Tito is a sensitive and forthright coming of age novel in a time of atrocity and loss.

Usluge dostave ugovaraju se s prodajnim osobljem prilikom zaključivanja kupnje i vrijede u skladu s uvjetima prodaje u V.B.Z. d.o.o. Hotel TILTO is an Irish owned boutique style hotel situated just in the heart of the city.

WiFi is free, and this hotel also features concierge services and a 24-hour front desk. " The Hotel Tito is an award-winning autobiographical novel of the Serbo-Croatian War. Author Ivana Bodrozic was born in the Croatian town of Vukovar, just across the Danube from Serbia.