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Karlić, Braslav
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Most experienced sailors know one or two good places to anchor in lesser known bays on the Adriatic. But there are only a few who know them all. This guide will introduce you to 137 of the best anchorages. It is based on years of sailing experience, gathered by the author and members of the More magazine editorial bord. We have been publishing their articles for years in More magazine and our foreign language sailing guides, but in this edition, there are new additions, while old entries have been amplified and revised. Each anchorage is featured with a detailed description, not only of its nautical characteristics ( such as depths, which winds it provides shelter from, seabed type etc.), but also of the interesting things to be seen at this anchorage. Sometimes you are encouraged to visit an important monument, sometimes to climb the nearby summit, visit a great local restaurant or get in your dinghy and go fishing next to the cape which protects the cove you anchored in. The description of each anchorage is accompanied by at least one photo and a map of the location. Also included is a list of concessionaires at anchorages, along with the phone numbers at which you can obtain all the necessary information about a certain destination, inquire about free buoys or announce your arrival. We have divided the Adriatic into nine sections, to make orientation easier, according to the most frequent, logical sailing areas. At the end of the book, you will find advice on anchoring and conduct while at anchor.

Knjige Hrvatsko-Engleski rječnik školskog jezika - Lovorka Zergollern-Miletić, MariJA Lutze-Miculinić ... NAJLJEPŠA JADRANSKA SIDRIŠTA: vodič za nautičare - Braslav Karlić - NAJLJEPŠA JADRANSKA SIDRIŠTA: vodič za nautičare - Izdanja More magazina, najstarije i najuglednije hrvatske revije za plovidbu i plovila dopunjena su još jednim nautičkim vodićem. je najbrži i najkompletniji multijezični online rečnik na koji ste do sada naišli i koji ima mogućnost prevođenja između engleskog, francuskog, nemačkog i srpskog jezika. Rečnik ima i detaljna pojašnjenja reči i pojmova.

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